restaurateur Chuck Gust, of Nick's restaurant (named after his father) in
Gust sent a letter to Carr in February, asking for city involvement in
Nick Gust, reached Monday, was pleased that the City Council had finally
"Years ago, it was real bad," said Nick Gust. "These people have no decency
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gust sought to have the city take some
surfers," said Gust. "But they have to respect the public also."
Gust stressed that he believed local surfers were not the problem. "I think
because it is right on the beach. Gust said that some people have even
"This is long overdue," said Gust. "All anybody is asking is for a little
Nick Gust Way. She also mentioned that one surfer changed clothes in the
Gust at his restaurtant. "Everybody has been here," said Gust, chuckling
Gust said that television and print journalists called for comments on the

mayor Nick Gust complained that the ordinance was "long overdue."

with the sale of district water boxes to Chuck Gust.

last year, was subsequently sued by Chuck Gust. That civil lawsuit alleges
that Piccolotti trespassed on Gust's property and slandered the Gust name.
Piccolotti has said he spotted NCCWD property on Gust's Pescadero ranch and
Piccolotti sought payment of his legal defenses against the Gust case from

relating to the inappropriate sale of water meter boxes to Chuck Gust.
He also accused Piccolotti of having an "ax to grind" with Chuck Gust as a
voluntarily and never had any problem with Gust. The court ruled the
Gust's Pescadero property to photograph the alleged water boxes, but that
of a civil suit pending against Piccolotti by Gust. Gust has charged
water boxes to Chuck Gust "before it was a full-blown controversy?" She

and Nick Gust were classmates at Jefferson High School in Daly City. The
Gust family still lived in Daly City though Nick's parents operated the
The Gusts and the Romanos were immediate neighbors, and Florence lived on
Gust. The incident marked the beginning of years of pranks often
During this difficult period, the Gust family hosted a 70th birthday party

Chuck Gusts single-family home on agriculturally zoned land in Vallemar Rejected by public vote. The council later changed Growth Control Ordinance to allow similar proposals in the future without a vote. GCO reaffirmed by voters.

Nick's Restaurant has a long Gust legacy, and presently has Nick, Lorraine, Chuck and Lena Gust, three generations of the family, doing their magic on a daily basis.

Some in the small audience cried foul, particularly Nick Gust, who
suggested a Brown Act violation had occurred. Gust stressed that his
"You three ought to be ashamed of yourself," scolded Gust. "The three of
"I know Karl Baldwin," said Gust later. "I was against the process, not
against a lawsuit filed by Chuck Gust.

(water meter boxes) to Chuck Gust.

gave water district property to Chuck Gust (concrete water meter housing
boxes) to be used at Gust's Pescadero estate. Chuck Gust is the son of Nick
Gust, whose family in 1997 will celebrate 70 years of running Nick's in
Rockaway Beach. The allegation is that Stevens gave Gust the district property
Gust's Vallemar home for eventual transport to Pescadero. Stevens and Gust
continued, referring to the Gust connection.

to Gust. The scope of the investigation widened greatly from the initial
against anyone else, although Fox is hopeful that Chuck Gust will cooperate
said Fox of Gust.

boxes delivered to Chuck Gust, O'Sullivan wonders why Gust isn't being charged
if the DA considers it a theft. Gust and Stevens have said it was a purchase

of her volunteerism. "Whether it was for the Nick Gust celebration or the

Simondi, Julie Gerughty and Tiffany Gustafson all scored and were

In fact, in the 1970s, when former Mayor Nick Gust tried to convince voters
slander trial against board member Tom Piccolotti, filed by Chuck Gust,
Chuck Gust's slander/trespassing civil suit. It is expected that Piccolotti

Chuck Gust Files Slander Suit 3-5-97
Chuck Gust files slander
attorney Joseph Morehead representing Chuck Gust, also alleges that
Piccolotti slandered Gust by accusing him of criminal conduct in both his
that the Gusts were involved in criminal activity and that is considered
Gust at 3000 Stage Road, Pescadero, without permission, consent or legal
Piccolotti is being sued by Gust. "We believe the main architect is Mr.
The Gust lawsuit goes on to allege that "at some time subsequent to Feb.
The Gust lawsuit comes on the heels of nearly a year of upheaval at the
"The suit pretty much says it," said Chuck Gust on Tuesday. "I think there
member of the NCCWD board of directors, Gust refutes his claim that it was
"We are all governed by law," said Gust. "To suggest that what he did was
Gust said he was concerned about the ongoing controversy the two parallel
"I can't strap on a gun and meet Piccolotti in the street," said Gust. "The
Gust said he still smarts from a public vote in Pacifica that prevented him
said Gust. "Yet people trespassed on my property and used an open space
two prominent Pacifica families, Gust said that "a lot of this could have
Asked why Chuck Gust was not, in fact, ever charged along with Stevens,
property," not theft, and therefore, Gust is not subject to a criminal

Nicks restaurant seemed the logical place to have this event, since it is one of the best known and respected restaurants not only in Pacifica, but on the Peninsula. After a little amicable discussion and arm twisting with my friend Chuck Gust, he seemed to agree.
Each ticket entitles the purchaser to a glass of fine red or white wine in a collectors glass celebrating the 4oth anniversary of the City of Pacifica. The wines are now being chosen by Chuck Gust and I guarantee he will be out of the wine cellar with the selected bottles by Saturday morning.
Many, many thanks to the Gust family at Nicks their support and continued participation in things Pacifica is greatly appreciated. Ive had glowing reports from many of the restaurants and eagerness to sign up for next year.

will also be wine tasting (Chuck Gust is personally selecting an

expressed vocally by Rockaway restaurateurs Nick and Chuck Gust. "We