Small-town Family Businesses

I have always had the feeling that Pacifica had a small town family atmosphere since I moved here in 1982.
As I looked around at the businesses I frequent in town, this seemed more of a truism.
I have my nails done every other week at Kim’s Natural Nails on Palmetto Avenue. This is a husband and wife operation, Ty and Kim Truong, with the assistance of their soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Melissa.
Dave and Lou’s Texaco on the corner of Linda Mar Boulevard and Highway 1 was a father/son operation for years.
And on a personal note, is a great place to get a smog certificate in town.
Nick’s Restaurant has a long Gust legacy, and presently has Nick, Lorraine, Chuck and Lena Gust, three generations of the family, doing their magic on a daily basis.
At the company where I spend my days, Coastside Scavenger, owner Louie Picardo has two of his nephews working for him, Alan Bernardi and Rob Edwards.
There’s also Mazzetti’s Bakery, with Rudy and Julie Mazzetti. And Food Town with Ron and Diann Rehn, etc., etc. etc.
All this is hopefully a smooth segue leading up to my plug for joining our family, the Chamber of Commerce family, by becoming a member.
Mary Brown, a new friend of mine and dynamic organizer, is spearheading this membership drive. Call the Chamber office at 355-4122 if yhou have any questions. Any member of our very competent staff can assist you.