Exactly what is the Chamber of Commerce?

Chris Porter, Board member

Exactly what is the Chamber of Commerce and how should it interact with the business enterprises of Pacifica?
I asked myself this question at the beginning of the year when I was named Special Events chair for this Chamber year.
My thoughts were that the Chamber should be the showcase for the established businesses and the PR agent for the new or lesser known ones. How could I incorporate my feelings into an event that would be fun and also publicize what we all know are great eating establishments, local artists and local musicians? Thus, the Taste of Pacifica was born.
Nicks restaurant seemed the logical place to have this event, since it is one of the best known and respected restaurants not only in Pacifica, but on the Peninsula. After a little amicable discussion and arm twisting with my friend Chuck Gust, he seemed to agree.
I then moved on to the art aspect. I have known Andrew Leone from various committees and immediately approached him. As anyone who reads the Tribune (or drives by Linda Mar Boulevard), Andrew is a little busy painting a mural at the Sanchez Arts Center, so he gave the concept some thought and felt Ward Walkup would be the ideal person to assist me in furthering my inspiration.
Ward came up with the orginal concept for the posters hanging in windows around town and has selected a varied collection of paintings and other art works representative of the Coastside community. All art will be for sale so this is your chance to be able to say that you have an original Ward Walkup.
When word ot Taste of Pacifica started to make its way into the community, I received a telephone call from Gail Edwards. She asked that her group Lyrique be selected to play at the event. I also happened to be sitting next to Gail at the Fourth of July picnic in Frontierland Park. Not knowing each other, we began to chat and when names came out, she again enthusiastically asked to perform at the event. Her energy is infectious I know our music is in good hands.
The restaurants involved are Acapulco Restaurant, Ashs Vallemar Station, Colombos Deli, Dallas Place, Food Town Deli, Kani-Kosen Japanese Cuisine, La Playa Restaurant, Mazzettis Bakery, Nicks, Rock n Robs and Tams. What a selection. All restaurants will provide a sampling of one of their specialties as well as having business cards, take-out menus and other information you will find useful in planning for your holiday parties, business events or just a great night out with your significant other.
Each ticket entitles the purchaser to a glass of fine red or white wine in a collectors glass celebrating the 4oth anniversary of the City of Pacifica. The wines are now being chosen by Chuck Gust and I guarantee he will be out of the wine cellar with the selected bottles by Saturday morning.
Let me take this opportunity to thank various people who have assisted me in this endeavor: Jim Nofziger for printing the tickets free of charge, Larry DeMartini for getting the poster design on aprons for use on our big day, Dave Stevens for hanging all my signs, Louie Picardo, my boss, for giving me time to do everything and encouraging me when I lost sight of the big picture, Van Simon, who is chairperson of my committee, for being my biggest promoter and calming me down when I started to get crazed, Barbara Gibbs for being my phone lady, and all the ladies in my office for volunteering to help me on Saturday. (Also, thanks to my significant other, Ron, for listening to me talk and talk and talk about this.)
I know I have forgotten someone. Whoever you are, thanks, and see you Saturday.
A Taste of Pacifica is this Saturday, Sept. 13, from noon to 3 p.m., at Nicks in Rockaway Beach.